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About Upskill

Especially, the Up Skill program can be said to be the first dental reality show in the world that was made in this style, because this program has both an entertainment and a scientific aspect.
This program was produced by Dr. Reza Molla and directed by Engineer Behnam Forghany.
In the first season of this program, special guests such as: Dr. Alireza Jahangir Nia, Dr. Erdovan Etemadi, Dr. Ali Momin, Dr. Amirreza Moir, Dr. Hori Rusta, and Dr. Nasim Chiniforosh, accompanied by other guests, including Dr. Moin Tagvi and Directed by Dr. Omid Moghads, it was created and prepared.This program has 2 different spaces. The first space is a space related to conversations and discussions around surgeries and in the other space is the surgery room where each of the guests in turn enters the surgery department accompanied by Dr. Reza Molla and performs the treatment of a related case and in the space Conversation Other guests express their opinion about the doctor’s performance and discuss with each other.
This serial program consists of 18 episodes, which was created by the Future Accelerator Group and is broadcasted exclusively on Devent web application every Tuesday at 21:00.In this program, there were special sponsors along with Future Group to make this program:
Almas Royan Pars Company as a special partner
Stroman Middle East Company
Region Co
Etemad Mansour Co
Darsan Teb Pars Co
Nisham Ariana Company
were among the other sponsors of this program.
This program has received very good feedback so far, according to the current statistics, it has received +15,000 viewers. Therefore, the Future Accelerator Group is trying to key the second season of the program with special changes and style innovations and start making it with special guests in the winter of 1402.
We hope that you, who are viewers of this program, will enjoy watching its different episodes.



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