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Photo Montage

Photomontage is one of our content production paths in Future Accelerator Group. The photomontages you watch are formed by creative people in the team, who design creative posters for different products by creating scenarios. This style of content is attractive to the audience because of its variety and also because it is less seen from the audience’s point of view and also has an interesting image. This category of content is planned and then executed based on the needs of our audience in the content calendar. We hope you enjoy watching these works.

Brand Book Design

Designing a brand book is one of the first steps of our collaboration with collections. The brand book contains the general visual identity of a brand and its existence is necessary for different parts of a system. This manual is a guide especially for designers who plan to create content for the brand. Brand book can be very brief or very comprehensive. In this section, you can see the brand books designed by Future Accelerator Group.


Another activity in the field of content marketing carried out by the Future accelerator group is the design of posters or graphic campaigns related to a specific topic, which you can see below some examples.

Instagram Post

Maltese posts on Instagram are prepared and designed with the aim of increasing audience awareness around a specific topic.
This part of our activities is done by the Future Design Department.
Future Accelerator Group always has this program in its content calendar with the aim of increasing the audience’s awareness of its products, because this style of design helps a lot in increasing the interaction rate of related pages, and as you know, this is one of the most important factors in social networks.