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Dentsply sirona

Photographing Sirona Dentsply products was a different experience for our group because it had to be in line with the standards of the main and mother company, so we tried to bring ourselves closer to global standards by photographing in different styles.
In this album, you will see #photographs taken by #Future_Accelerator_Group of #Dentsply_Sirona products and we hope you will enjoy watching the photos.

Bone Taj Pars

Photographing the products of #Ben_Tazh_Pars company and #SIC fixtures has been another project of #Future_Accelerator_Group.
The variety and high number of photos gives this possibility to the media team of the company so that in addition to continuous activity in social networks, it can diversify in #content_marketing well.
Therefore, we always try to photograph products in such a way that they can be used a lot.


In this album, you can see the photography of the products of #Nutridnet company. Nutrident company has various products, including #dental_loupes, #Panda_intraoral_scanners of different series, as well as #Suga pain-free anesthesia injection device.
For Future Accelerator Group, this collaboration was a source of happiness because we were able to produce different and diverse contents due to the diverse products of this company.
In addition to these photos, you can also watch the unboxing of this company’s products in our video section.

Hengam dandan

Specialized photography of Lanka intraoral scanner product of Hengam Dandan company in Future photography studio.
Future Group is doing its executive planning with the aim of using these photos for designs, making videos, etc., because diversification is one of the most important elements of marketing.

Strumann group

Smart Dental Clinics, due to its #neodent center in Iran, has provided this opportunity for #future_accelerator_group so that we can also be active in the #production of neodent products. Many contents have been prepared from this product in different styles including #posters, #videos and photos.
We hope you enjoy viewing the photos

Smart Dentistry

Many years have passed since the #future_acceleration_group with #Smart_Dental_Clinic and during these years we have produced many and varied contents. But one of the most enjoyable parts of our content production with Smart Dental Clinics has been #macro_photography in #dentistry.
With more than 8 years of experience in the field of dentistry, our team has a very good experience of macro photography in dentistry.
The photos you see are the contents prepared in Smart Dental Clinics and we hope you enjoy watching these photos.
To watch more contents of this clinic and brand, visit Smart’s Instagram page.

Emdad Teb

Perhaps this part of our #Photography album is the most different because most of the products of #Amdad_Tab_Poya company are small in size and should be photographed with special care. Also, due to the fact that macro photography was done with these products, photo editing required more time and precision.
Photography of #abutments, #photography_kit_GBR, #photography_premails and…. It was and is a new and attractive challenge for us.
#Future Accelerator Group started its activity with dynamic medical aid company in July 1402 and until now has produced many contents to advance the marketing goals of this company.

Maryam Beauty Clinic

A pre-excida program is always held in Iran before the Excida congress and exhibition. In 1402, this program was held in Mashhad with the Future Accelerator Group as the executive team. The photos you see below are related to Pre-Excida 2023.

Nisham Aryana

#Photography of #laser_in_dental_products, #intra_oral_scanner, #bone_powder and… and…. All of them have been part of our activity and cooperation with Ariana Nisham Company.
In this section, you can see the contents photographed by #Groeh_Shatab_Daheh_Future of the products of Nisham Ariana company.


Photography by Shining intraoral scanner is another photography experience of future accelerator group with scanners.
We have done this cooperation with the #Banyan_Mechatronics company and tried to promote this product, which is very popular in the #dental_market of Iran today, in a professional way.
Also, these photos have been used a lot in #design_posters. You can also watch these contents by referring to the design section of #future_website in the #photomontages section.