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Examination of the intraoral scanner LAUNCA - DL 206

LAUNCA model DL-206 scanner as a card scanner has several important features that we mention at the beginning:
A simple and smooth place:
If you perform treatment in a dental clinic or a practice with several units at the same time; Move the scanner easily and worry-free and perform your various scans.
Better compatibility between scanner and computer hardware:
This feature increases the effectiveness and speed of scanning.

infection control :
Having a 21-inch medical grade touch monitor will help you easily reduce your contact with the laptop keyboard and increase the level of infection control if you use a scanner daily.

Vivid Color Visualization
DL-206 has a specialized RGB camera that will provide you with a real color visualization experience and will convert your color information into HD images with full details.

High Speed ​​Scanning
The DL-206 is able to quickly complete a full-arch scan within 30 seconds, saving time and energy for dentists and patients.

In the end, we can remind you that the company assures you that LAUNCA will provide accurate and reliable scan results every time with its advanced AI scanning technology, proven accuracy and intuitive workflow.