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Getting to know the Panda Smart intraoral scanner: a look at the new experience in digital dentistry


Hello and respect to the companions of Future Mag, today we proudly present to you a new product of digital dentistry. Take a closer look at the Panda Smart intraoral scanner today.

product introduction:
The modern box you are viewing contains an advanced scanner pod that best meets the needs of the dental market. Combining high precision, lightness and ease of use, this scanner has emerged as a leading tool in the field of digital dentistry.

Features and benefits:

Lightweight and compact:
With a weight of 138 grams, Smart Panda allows you to face an extremely light and simple scanner. The services provided by this product reduce the complexity in your clinic’s daily work.

Fast and simple connection:

With a 180 cm cable, it is easy to connect this scanner to a laptop. This lightness and simplicity allows dentists to record and analyze patients’ oral information with the least amount of trouble.

Periodic calibration:
Having a 3D calibration part, this scanner allows you to periodically calibrate the device. This feature ensures the accuracy of scanning and analysis of the best results.

Function :

Ease of diagnosis and planning:
With the ability to connect to a laptop and periodic calibration, this scanner makes the process of diagnosing patients faster and more accurate. This possibility allows dentists to become more proficient in diagnosing diseases.

Style in performing daily tasks:

With its light weight and user-friendly design, this scanner allows dentists to perform the process of recording intraoral images in a fast and optimal way.

A look at the details:

3D and color calibration:
With a unique calibration component, this scanner allows you to perform accurate calibrations at regular intervals. This feature gives dentists more confidence in diagnosing oral diseases and problems.

Suitable for autoclave:
The types of this scanner can be autoclaved and can be used up to 150 cycles without worrying about damaging the mirrors. This feature helps to significantly increase the duration of use of each type.

Warmer and temperature control:
The Panda Smart intraoral scanner with a warmer placed behind the mirror, quickly generates the required heat and prepares you for scanning, since you need heat in cold seasons, without dealing with extra vapors.

Easy control:
With ON and OFF keys, this scanner allows you to work quickly and accurately and check 3D files with a search control. These controls minimize the need to touch the touch screen directly.

Multiple connection:

With a USB to Type-C converter, this scanner allows you to connect the relevant files to your laptop and analyze them quickly. This feature allows dentists to analyze data accurately at any time and place.Finally, using the Smart Panda model intraoral scanner is a fundamental step towards improving the efficiency and quality of dental services. With high accuracy, ease of operation, time saving, and improved user experience, this scanner has provided an effective solution to improve diagnostic and treatment processes.The advanced technology of this scanner enables dentists to provide more accurate diagnoses with better accuracy and enjoy more time. Also, the ease of working with this device makes it easy for even novice dentists to benefit from this technology.Saving time not only helps dentists get the most out of their time, but also leads to better communication and more trust between dentists and patients.Improving the user experience is also the most important recent aspect in dentistry. By providing clear and vivid images to patients, this scanner increases their confidence and comfort and ultimately ensures direct improvement of treatments and patient engagement.By taking advantage of this new technology, dentists can respond to the needs of their patients more quickly and accurately and provide a better experience for everyone. In general, the Smart Panda intraoral scanner is highly recommended as a vital and advanced tool in the field of dentistry.


Overall, the Panda Smart intraoral scanner provides a unique option in digital dentistry by combining features of lightness, accuracy and ease of use. This tool not only allows dentists to provide more accurate and faster diagnosis, but also makes the user experience simple and enjoyable for them. From now on, you can confidently trust the guidance of this new scanner in the field of digital dentistry.