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Hidden secrets in the digital world of dentistry: beauty and efficiency combined

In today’s technological age, the dental experience has become a dream, and the Medit i700 intraoral scanner represents an essential part of this pervasive evolution. This scanner has become a vital tool for dentists with long strides towards integrating technology and attracting users.

In this in-depth journey of the Medit i700 intraoral scanner, get to know the features and facilities that this unique scanner offers. Important details, including amazing accessories, unparalleled speed in scanning and quick and easy connection, are all manifested in this device.

Join us so that in the colorful and dynamic world, this scanner will become not only a big tool in dentistry, but also a modern art that combines beauty and efficiency.

Plenty of accessories, a characteristic of Medit products that has always distinguished this brand from others. The minimal packaging of the pack makes you think that the pack is empty of essential components at first glance; But after opening it, you will face the variety of its components and features. But the aspect that is important for every user is the scanning speed, which can be achieved with the Medit i700 scanner.

The first part that is visible is the power part that supplies the device with electricity. An adapter that transfers power to the device is also provided, similar to the Medit I 500. Two different types of stands are also available; One for installing the scanner on the wall, which is provided with relevant accessories.

Calibration part with a special protocol that performs the calibration of the 3D scanner. Two USB cables are also included in the pack, one with high speed USB 3 type and the other with USB Type-A generation 3 terminal and fast speed. There is also an adapter to combine these two power and data inputs in an integrated way and it has small dimensions. This adapter has been able to transfer power and data seamlessly by connecting a single USB Type-C cable to the scanner.

The Medit i700 scanner has become a plug & play scanner. By connecting a USB Type-C cable, it is possible to scan quickly and easily with direct power from the laptop, avoiding any complicated connections.Examining the main components of the Medit i700 scanner also indicates high accuracy and efficiency. Software flash using normal type, fan with anticold function, and USB Type-C input to transfer data to the system are some of its prominent components. Control buttons at the top and bottom ensure ease of use.Also, in this article, the Medit i700 intraoral scanner with the ability to use a 2:08 wrist strap has been introduced. This wrist strap acts as an additional protection that prevents the scanner from falling or being lost.

The Medit i700 intraoral scanner is a new innovation in the world of digital dentistry that offers a significant upgrade to dental imaging with its unique features and capabilities. Some of the most important features and facilities of the Medit i700 will be discussed in detail here:

High speed and accuracy:
Medit i700 provides accurate and realistic images of teeth with a high scan rate of more than 70 frames per second and an accuracy of 9 micrometers. This speed and accuracy allows dentists to provide high quality images and accurate information.

LINK OPEN technology:
It uses LINK OPEN technology to upgrade information to things such as orthodontics, surgical guide, printing 3D dental models, and other advanced uses. These facilities allow dentists to perform advanced treatment methods using this scanner.

Direct connection capability:
One of the interesting features of Medit i700 is the ability to connect directly to a computer using a power delivery cable to the computer. This feature makes for easy movement and more efficiency in the dental clinic.

Resistance to heat and autoclave:
The types of this scanner can be sterilized more than 100 times with an autoclave. This ensures safety and health in using the device.

Advanced software:
Medit i700 comes with advanced software that can be easily upgraded and updated. This software has the ability to provide better and more updated facilities and helps dentists in providing better and more accurate treatments.

Ergonomic design:
The device maximizes the user’s comfort during the scan with its ergonomic design, light handpiece weight of 245 grams, and 180-degree rotating tip series.

With these unique features and facilities, the Medit i700 intraoral scanner is not only an advanced tool for dental imaging, but also allows dentists to benefit from a modern and efficient tool in their treatments.

Due to the unique features and facilities of the Medit i700 intraoral scanner, this device stands out as an advanced representative in the field of digital dentistry. From the high speed and accuracy of scanning to the facilities of direct connection to the computer and the advanced technologies used, Medit i700 brings an attractive and enhanced experience for dentists.

Medit’s free software upgrades and updates make this scanner a permanent tool that keeps up with the latest technology and new features. Overall, the Medit i700 is considered a masterpiece in the world of digital dentistry with its ergonomic design, outstanding performance and versatility in applications. This device not only helps to facilitate and accelerate the treatment process, but also allows dentists to provide the best services to their patients.

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