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Introducing the Panda P3 intraoral scanner: an efficient and intelligent tool in digital dentistry

The dynamic and advanced world of dentistry has reached a new level of technology and efficiency with a new product called Panda P3. This intraoral scanner is an important step towards improvement in digital dentistry.

Ergonomic and stylish design with smart features:

The Panda P3 scanner with a weight of 228 grams and an aluminum body provides dentists with a combination of lightness and strength. The ergonomic design and the On/Off button on the body are designed not only to improve performance but also to reduce hand contact with unnecessary surfaces.

Advanced technology for accurate scanning:

By using edge imaging technology, this scanner is able to provide 3D images with great accuracy. The high accuracy of this device allows dentists to carefully examine even the smallest details.

Diversity in application and different types:

The collection of five different types has turned this scanner into a multipurpose tool. Due to the special design of tips for different surfaces, dentists can scan images more quickly and accurately.

Powerful connections and periodic calibration:

The use of USB 3.0 to connect to the system at an unparalleled speed puts this scanner at the top in terms of connections. Also, the periodic 3D and color calibration feature allows dentists to always benefit from the best performance of the scanner.




With high quality, superior performance, and intelligent design, the Panda P3 scanner has made significant improvements in diagnosis and treatment as one of the vital tools in digital dentistry. This product is not only a basic tool but also an economical solution for any dental clinic. All the features and facilities of this scanner have been described to improve the user experience of dentists and improve the quality of services to patients.


Panda P3 intraoral scanner with a combination of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and high performance, allows dentists to provide high quality and accurate patient services. This powerful tool with light weight and high precision has been able to meet the diverse needs of dentistry. From high scanning accuracy to ease of use with an efficient user interface, the Panda P3 not only helps improve the intraoral scanning process but also improves the patient experience.

Using this scanner, dentists can quickly and accurately record images of patients’ mouths and make a more accurate diagnosis in their treatment decisions. Also, smart features such as periodic calibration and powerful connections make this scanner a complete and reliable tool for dental clinics.All in all, with its high efficiency, unique design and smart capabilities, Panda P3 has taken an important step towards safe and advanced digital dentistry, dramatically improving patient experience and raising dental standards.