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Kodak Carestream CS3800: Get a unique experience of digital dentistry with the beauty of scanning

In the advanced world of dental technology, introducing wireless intraoral scanners as a symbol of innovation and high efficiency is an important step towards improving the quality of dental services. In this article, we proudly introduce the Kodak Carestream CS3800 intraoral scanner.

product introduction:
Carestream CS3800 is the third generation of Kodak intraoral scanners that has been introduced to the market by using wireless technology. After the success of Trios3 and Trios4, this product has been upgraded with the following features and facilities.

Features and facilities:

Wireless design and style:

The CS3800 scanner is marketed as a wireless intraoral scanner.
A style that makes it easy to use and carry.
Replaceable charging base:

This scanner has a charging base that is used to charge the device.
Two replaceable batteries that provide the possibility to continue working with the device.
Change mode and layout:

The device has classic buttons to change scan mode and power button.
It provides the possibility to change the scan mode from the lower jaw to the upper jaw or byte scan with special buttons.
Protection of sensitive components:

Contains two protective caps to protect imaging components and wireless battery.
Color calibration:

Possibility of color calibration for normal type or side type with color calibration piece.

Battery performance:

Long-life batteries that provide up to an hour of scanning without needing to be replaced.
summary and Conclusion:
The Kodak Carestream CS3800 intraoral scanner, with its ergonomic design, wireless features, long-life battery and continuous scanning capability, is an important step towards improving the user experience in the dental field. This product is known not only for its high performance but also for its ease of use and easy maintenance.

Check the specifications of the Carestream CS3800 scanner: