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Relief from pain in dentistry: Shining Aoralscan3 3D intraoral scanner

In the field of dentistry, Shining Aoralscan3 3D intraoral scanner has emerged as a symbol of progress and innovation. With the benefit of artificial intelligence technology, this device provides the ability to provide pain-free and perfect services in various dental plans. From orthodontics to implants, the Shining Aoralscan3 scanner provides dentists with an effective tool for diagnosis and treatment.In terms of features and performance, this scanner stands out due to its high accuracy with a 30% increase, unparalleled speed in jaw scanning that takes only 25 seconds and 1 minute for a complete scan. Also, the presence of the anti-steam system of this device prevents problems caused by breathing steam during scanning and ensures flawless scanning.

The temperature control system is also a key feature that prevents unwanted changes in the scan output by managing the temperature between 10 and 40 degrees. Also, the exclusive Clinical Toolkit software brings the experience of dentists to a new level of precision and efficiency with features such as automatic drawing of margin lines and direct connection with Exocode software.

As a result, the Shining Aoralscan3 3D intraoral scanner, with its combination of high accuracy, unparalleled speed, and innovative features, plays an essential role in patient comfort and improving the quality of dentists’ services. This device is known as a remarkable development in digital dentistry and allows dentists to provide diverse and high-quality services.